Where Should We Beginwith Esther Perel

Esther Calling - Losing My Best Friend

Esther Calling - Losing My Best Friend

In this second episode of Esther Calling, a new short series from Where Should We Begin, we meet a woman who feels she is losing her best friend. The caller feels that her friend is rushing into a marriage to someone she doesn’t approve of. During the call Esther talks her through a new way to see their relationship and where to go from here.

This season on Where Should We Begin we received over 4000 applicants.  And while we read everything that comes in I can only do ten sessions on the podcast.  So as a way of being able to connect with more of you, I am trying a couple of new things.  Esther Calling is one of them. You write to me with a relationship concern and I call you to talk through it. These are not full sessions but conversations that I hope lead to many more after we hang up.


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